Zero emission delivery of goods

Nordic cities come together in a joint Nordic procurement process. The goal is to get zero emission delivery of goods, to develop Nordic companies, get greener and more innovative solutions, and to make sure that the public sector cooperate more.

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Process and timeline

Mai 2019 - Project initiative

The Nordic council of ministers awarded Difi and The National programme for Supplier Development the project, where the aim is to involve cities across the Nordic in a joint market dialogue for greener solutions.

Sept/Oct 2019 - Mobilizing cities in the Nordics

Difi (NO) and The National programme for Supplier Development (NO) invited Miljøstyrelsen (DK), Upphandlingsmyndigheten (SE) and Motiva (FI) to help with the mobilization of cities in their countries.

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Project lead:

Project group:

• Motiva (FI)
• Upphandlingsmyndigheten (SE):
• Miljøstyrelsen (DK)

Miljødirektoratet / NCE (NO)

October 2019 - Information meeting for the public organizations

The cities were invited to join the process by sending out an invitation, having skype-meetings with information about the project, and a physical information meeting on the 24th October 2019 in Oslo.

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October 2019 - Cities join the process

The cities that has decided to participate in a joint process for mapping the needs and challenges and a nordic market dialogue.

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City of Kaarina: Jonas Nordberg
City of Turku: Fredrik Lindström
Aalborg kommune: Steffen Lervad Thomsen
Gladsaxe kommune: Anders Friis Brorholt
København kommune: Ida Meulengracht Ginsborg
Stockholm stad: Per Erik Österlund
Göteborgs stad: Mats Pervik
Ørebro kommune: Helena Sköld Løvgren, Jakob Cronhamre, Katarina Craaford
Oslo kommune: Geir Rossebø
Trondheim kommune: Magnus Vestrum
Bergen kommune: Uwe Mattheus
Kristiansand kommune: Ole-Jacob Rynning Tønnesen, Rolf Arild Johannessen
Statens Innkjøpssenter: Barbro Bottheim

Other organizations involved in the process:

Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm: Jon Eriksen

Nordic Innovation: Nina Egeli, Trine Moa, Ivar Josefsson

December 2019 and January 2020 - Mapping the needs and Insights report

The group bought fazilitating and a design team from the company Bekk to help map the needs, and to create a draft for a dialogue note.

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The group met  on December 3rd 2019 in Copenhagen, and January 15th in Gøteborg to map pain points, possibilities, challenges and procurement needs.

April 29th 2020 - Digital information meeting for the market

We will host a digital information meeting Wednesday 29.04.2020 from 13:00-15:00 using Teams.

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May 2020 - Request for information (RFI)

All the countries has published an written Request for Information. Despite the situation with Covid-19, we would like to continue the dialogue with companies and the market. We understand that the situation is difficult, but we hope that it is interesting for some suppliers to give us feedback both long- and short-term on how we can get innovative solutions in the future. RFI was published april 2020, deadline 1 june 2020.

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November 2020 Joint statement

11 Nordic cities and 2 central government procurement bodies have published a joint statement that calls for zero emission delivery of goods.

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April 2021 Nordic market dialogue where companies pitch their solutions

Zero emission vehicles and more innovative and efficient solutions are now increasingly available for city deliveries. During this day we will connect companies with the solutions with the big buyers in the Nordics. You can see all the pitches and presentations if you click on the link "les mer"

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You can find the whole conference on YouTube here.

You can find the list of participants in pdf here.

You can find the presentations in pdf by clicking on the link:

Christine Kihl, Advisor, The Norwegian Agency for Public (DFØ) and Ida Laustsen, Innovation broker, The National Programme for Supplier Development (LUP). The Nordic project «Zero emission delivery of goods»

Katarina Luhr, Vice Mayor for Environment and Climate, City of Stockholm,

Einar Wilhelmsen, Vice Mayor for Finance, City of Oslo

Public buyers present procurements:

Kjetil Østgård, Director, Central Procurement Body of Norway, The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ),

Geir Rossebø, Sustainability Manager for ZE mobility solutions, Green Public Procurement, City of Oslo,

Sari Holmberg, Project Manager Strategic procurement, City of Turku,

Per-Erik Österlund, Project Manager Clean Vehicles at City of Stockholm.

Vehicle suppliers:

Thor Øivind Johansen, Sales and Marketing Director Paxster AS

Espen Kristoffersen, Commercial Director New Energy Vehicles, RSA

Per Netland, Fleet Salesmanager Commercial Vehicles, Bertel O Steen

Kjetil Bergflødt, Sales and Product Manager Alternative drivelines Volvo

John Lauvstad, Director M&C, Norsk Scania AS

Halvard Lillevik, CEO, Sykkelsentralen AS


Lars Tveitan Østvold, Sales Manager eMobility Future Grid, Siemens

Transport service suppliers:

Ulf Hammarberg, Environmental Affairs, DHL Freight Sweden,

Peter Stangeland, Chief Commercial Officer, Oslo City Hub, DB Schenker

Clarence Ström, Projectleader Ragn-Sells Recycling AB. “Beloved City”, Stockholm

Johanna Ström, Project Manager Sustainability, Bring.

Smart logistic solutions:

Harald Sævareid, CEO, Nivel AS,

Stian Hansen, Chief Executive Director, SQT AS

Peter Littau, Commercial Lead, Volocopter GmbH

Owners of goods:

Jan Knoph, Managing Director, OneMed AS,

Patrik Nyholm, Procurement Manager, Elis Textilservice AB,

Marius Råstad, Corporate Logistics Manager, ASKO Norway AS,

Teodor Bäckström, Fulfilment Operations Manager, IKEA Norway

Other companies

Kople – Charging systems adapted to everyone



Financing and funding for innovative projects

There will be several procurements related to this process coming up, and we know that innovative solutions are needed. If you need funding for creating a new product, you can apply on some of these relevant finance instruments.

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For companys:

  • Nordic Innovation. 
    • NOK 16 million to Nordic innovation projects that help change the way people and goods move in the Nordic region. Companies (SMEs and larger companies), public sector organizations (e.g. infrastructure owners, regulators, procurers, innovation ecosystems), cluster organizations, business networks or research institutions may apply. Application deadline: 31 March 2020 at 13.00 CET

For public procurers:

For both public procurers and companies:

    • Pilotering av ny energi- og klimateknologi. Programmet er åpent for næringsaktører, offentlige aktører eller konsortier der nærings- eller offentlige aktører er
      sentrale, medfinansierende og aktive deltakere.
  • Horizon 2020 
    • MG-3-8-2020: ‘First of a Kind’ solutions for sustainable transport and mobility: EU initiative for accelerating EU-wide market access, scale up and derisking ​
      • CSA=(Coordination And Support Action). Application deadline 21.03.2020
      • 100% grant ​on 1½ M€
      • Scope: The aim is to develop an EU matchmaking system (both for tools and services) to de-risk large purchasing of first-of-a-kind solutions at European level and accelerate EU-wide market access and scale up of sustainable transport products and services and fostering their de-risking. ​
      • More information on this page. 

Relevant research and development on zero emission delivery

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The project got attention from the press and media, as this is the first time the Nordics join forces on innovative public procurement.

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Information tools

Here we will publish videos, infographics and photos as soon that can be used for information about the project.

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From 2019 until the autumn of 2021 there have been various activities which you can read about in this report. 

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In 2018 the Nordic Council of Ministers published a report urging more Nordic cooperation on environment and climate. The report proposes 12 recommendations, where of more active sharing of knowledge and experience with green public procurement.

The aim of this project was to develop cooperation between large Nordic cities in the form of a public buyer’s network. The network was to conduct market dialogues on a selected area and promote environmental solutions. Gathering public contracting authorities with the same need and then challenge the market together is an effective way to create a larger market for newly developed solutions. The topic has been to work towards zero emission delivery of goods.

Download report here:

Nordic market dialogue