About Innovative Procurements

In Norway, public agencies procure goods and services for close to 60 billion Euros every year. Innovative procurements is a new method for public procurements. In Innovative procurements requesting pre-defined solutions from the market is discouraged. Instead, needs and functions are communicated to the market, which in turn responds on how to best solve this.

Through Innovative procurements, mapping and defining needs are emphasized, the market is invited for dialogue, and challenged to come up with smart solutions.

In this video you are briefly introduced to the Norwegian method of Innovative Procurements. This video demonstrates three very different processes in which Innovative Procurement as a method has been applied.

Programme goals

The Supplier Development Programme (LUP) is set up to accelerate innovations and development of new solutions through the strategic use of public procurement, while at the same time contributing to new market opportunities for these innovations. The National Programme for Supplier Development (LUP) is a driving force for increased use of innovative procurement and a facilitator of practical assistance that increases the innovation effect of public procurement in Norway.

Innovative procurements, solutions and results. 

Programme structure

LUP is a joint collaboration by five significant entities with unique strengths, networks and focus areas – representing both the public and private sector. LUP has 26 public partners, including government agencies, counties and municipalites.

Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS)

Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)

Innovation Norway

The Research Council of Norway


  • 234 public agencies has used or participated in innovative procurements
  • 36 million Euros in public savings
  • 22 radical innovations
  • 350 new jobs created
  • 2895 tonnes reduction in annual CO2 equivalents

Innovative procurements

Since 2010, LUP has assisted municipals and government agencies in over 200 procurements and developed the method for innovative public procurement.

In our database you can search, filter and find procurements based on different sectors or proucrement procedures. The procurement processes is described in Norwegian

Read about a joint Nordic procurement process on Zero emission delivery of goods where the method and steps is described in detail in English. You will also find guidance on how to do a joint innovative procurement process

In this film, the process on zero emission construction sites is explained. Link to YouTube.

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