Nordic Initiative for Environmental Labelling of medical Supplies (NIELS)

Medical products are essential for maintaining modern and high-quality health care systems. At the same time, they can be a threat to both the environment and our health due to hazardous content, and a high level of resource exploitation. Five Nordic public buyers have therefore joined forces to use their purchasing power to challenge the market to develop more sustainable products.

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Elisabeth Smith

Elisabeth Smith

Innovasjonspådriver Midt-Norge
977 47 082
Riche Vestby

Riche Vestby

Innovasjonspådriver helse, omsorg og velferd
991 69 952

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Process and timeline

Needs Mapping

As a result of the needs mapping the Buyers are interested in exploring how third-party environmental labelling (Type-1 ecolabels, certified by independent certifying bodies) can make an important difference in contributing to:
- more sustainable procurement practices and product choices
- make it easier for public buyers to make the right choices
- save time and resources for both suppliers and buyers, because documentation and evaluation will be easier with certified products.

Market Dialogue

The market dialogue was held in Malmö 12 October 2023.
The objectives of the market dialogue was:
- Inform the market about the Buyer's strategies to procure greener products/sustainability strategies.
- Discuss measures and challenges related to testing/developing and procuring greener products.
- To explore what solutions are available in the market and what solutions are likely to become available soon, or in a longer time perspective.
- Collect input from the market and other interested parties on how to reduce the use and spread of both environmentally and health damaging products and substances in a lifecycle perspective.

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At the dialogue the Buyers received 107 questions. The Buyers where positively overwhelmed by the interest and engagement from so many. Answers to all the questions have been sent on email to all the participants. Only the questions and answers which are directly related to ecolabelling can be found under «documents». If anyone has any further questions or comments, please get in touch with the country representatives or LUP.

Watch the recording of the Marked Dialogue

Please see the official notice in the Norwegian national notification database for public procurement.