Danish Regions: The Regions Joint Procurement

About the Danish Regions Joint Procurement (RFI)
Danish Regions is the interest organisation for the five regions in Denmark. Danish Regions’ overall mission is to safeguard the interests of the regions nationally as well as internationally.Every year the Danish regions spend more than 40 billon DKK on goods and services, among other things, to the hospitals. The purchases include everything from hospital- and operating equipment to office supplies, food, ambulance transport and window cleaning.

In 2014, the regions established the regions joint procurement RFI, in order to ensure that the majority of the procurements are coordinated between the regions. RFI is a cooperation model in which the regions carry out procurement on behalf of each other. By centralising the regions procurement needs in one region, the regions can obtain greater savings and better contract terms. In addition, each region does not need to invest resources in the long and often complicated process involved in carrying out a tender.

The Steering Group for Regional Procurements constitutes the RFI in addition to the Circuit of Regional Procurement Managers and the employees in the five regional procurement departments. To support the cooperation the regions established the RFI-secretariat. Danish Regions established the RFI-secretariat.


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