Summary Dialogue Conference: More environmentally artificial turf 15th of May 2019

av Hilde Sætertrø

Approximatelly 30 municipalities, several sport Clubs, County Councils and many Suppliers and agents in solutions for artificial turf met at Ullevål stadion. Feedback from participants tells us that this was a good Meeting!

The goal for the day was to contribute to illuminate the problem contected to rubber granulate and harmful substances in many artificial turf that we have today, get to know new solutions and possibilities and how Public procurers can use their purchasing Power to influence the Suppliers towards more environmentally solutions.

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Here you can find all the presentations:

1 Can we achieve wonders by joining forces in public procurement by Hilde Sætertrø

2 Environment and artificial turf by Norwegian Footbal Association by Ove Halvorsen

3 About the R&D project KG 2021 by Bjørn Aas NTNU

5 Demanding more environmentally artificial turf by Bergen municipality

6 Demanding more environmentally artificial turf by Oslo municipality

7 Demanding more environmentally artificial turf by Fredrikstad municipality

8 Demanding more environmentally artificial turf by Bærum municipality

9 solutions artificial turf by Genan

10 Solutions artificial turf by Re-match

11 Solutions artificial turf by Ragnsells

12 Domo Sports Grass Presentation

13 Fieldturf Scanturf Tarkett

14 Solutions artificial turf by Unisport Saltex

15 Solutions artificial turf by Sport Surface

16 How do we do it in Sweden by Maria Hammar

17 How can we procure environmentally artificial turf in Norway by Helene Hoggen

18 County Council as a competence and funding partner by Espen Andersen Akershus

19 Developing tools stimulating to more environmentally artificial turf by Erlend Haartveit Innovation Norway

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