Digital information meeting – Zero emission delivery of goods

Nordic cities aim for climate-smart delivery of goods - do you have the solution?


Onsdag 29. april 2020 kl. 13:00 - 15:00



Om arrangementet

Twelve cities across the Nordic countries invites you to engage in an information meeting and written Request for Information.

We know that today’s situation with Covid-19 creates major challenges for the industries, companies and suppliers. However, we want to have a dialogue with you, so that you can have predictability and insight into our plans and needs in the long term.

We want to get input from you on what is possible in the short and long term, and how we can best prepare you for innovation and environmentally friendly solutions. We understand that many of you have limited resources with the situation we are in. We still hope that the meeting and information will be of interest.

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• 13:00 Background and goals of the project and the cities
• 14:00 Questions and answers

Read everything about the project here.


We have decided to reschedule the market dialogue that originally was scheduled in Oslo for 26.3.2020.