Opening the innovation space through innovative procurement

Innovation Norway, in collaboration with TINKR, the National Programme for Supplier Development and The Permanent Mission of Norway to the UN in Geneva, will host a workshop on innovation friendly procurement during Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) in Geneva. The workshop is open to all, targeting humanitarian project leaders, procurement, innovation and partnership staff in humanitarian organizations, the private sector, donors and others interested in how to improve humanitarian-private innovation partnerships.


Torsdag 6. februar 2020 kl. 09:00 - 12:00


International Conference Centre (CICG) in Geneva, Switzerland

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To meet the needs of people affected by humanitarian crises in a better and more efficient way, humanitarian organisations need to find new solutions and new ways of interacting with the private sector.

Innovation friendly procurement is an approach that makes it possible for humanitarian organisations to engage with the private sector before procuring a product or solution. Through innovation friendly procurement, mapping and defining needs are emphasised. The needs are communicated to the market through an open and transparent market dialogue where the market is challenged to come up with innovative solutions to the problem at hand.


  • Welcome by Innovation Norway
  • Innovative procurement vs innovation friendly procurement by Ida Laustsen, National Programme for Supplier Development
  • What is innovation friendly procurement, and why is it important? By Markus Bensnes and Anders Wengen, TINKR
  • Case presentation: Norwegian Red Cross presents the Dignified Identities project, by Lars-André Skari

Interactive workshop focusing on:

o How can innovative/ innovation friendly procurement support humanitarian innovation?
o What are the challenges in implementing this procedure?
o What do we need to do as a sector to overcome any challenges and scale use?


Read more about the programme on the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week 2020 here.