Pågående anskaffelse

Information, Councelling and Legal Assistance for refugees

People affected by displacement may be forced to abandon their homes and livelihoods, and often lose enjoyment of a range of rights. In 2018 the Norwegian Refugee Council assisted 1 196 142 people with information, councelling and legal assistance. Digital innovation has the potential to create new solutions.



In 2018, NRC began working with NetHope under the Dream Design Deliver initiative collaborating with Microsoft, Accenture Development Partners and Fjord to re-imagine ICLA digitally. Since the project inception, NRC has received additional support from Innovation Norway and Cisco Foundation.

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Information sessions

Before the formal procurement process, NRC are performing a learning process where NRC collaborate with the market to find the right approach, problem description and finally a RFP-able solution description (or RFP-able problem statement).

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The information sessions will run from June 7th 2019 to June 27th 2019. Information sessions will be held in Oslo, Nairobi and San Francisco, as well as online webinars. Click here for more information on how to register and attend the information sessions.

Concept note and bilateral follow up

All vendors who has a viable solution strategy is encouraged to write a concept note outlining the strategy. The template for the concept note will be published shortly. Every vendor who submitted a concept note within the deadline will be invited for a bilateral follow up meeting. The purpose of the concept notes and bilateral meeting is for us to learn more about potential solution strategies. The learning generated will be used to scope the RFP requirements.

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Once all concept notes are submitted and bilateral meetings have been conducted, the team will finalize the requirements that will be published in the RFP. All actors, whether they have participated in the learning processes or not, will be eligible to submit a proposal to the RFP.

Photo: Enayatullah Azad/NRC


How can we help more refugees recieve information, councelling and legal assistance?

Today more than 65 million People have been displaced globally. Many of them had to leave their identity and other documents (such as identity cards, birth and marriage certificates) behind when fleeing violence, conflict and disasters. While many have lost their existing documents, others did not have such documents prior to their displacement. 

The traditional approach of delivering information, councelling and legal assistance (ICLA)  is a person-to-person approach, and therefore limited by time, resources available, access constraints and geography. Digital innovation has the potential to create solutions that can overcome these obstacles. NRC want to have dialogue with businesses and people who can contribute to better solutions – both digitally and with the person-to-person solution. The goal is to help more displaced people to claim rights through digital transformation.


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