Market dialogue NIELS: One-on-one meetings

The one-on-one meetings on October 12th are only for attendees present in Malmö.
For suppliers who are not able to attend physically in Malmö, we offer a digital one-on-one meeting with representatives from all 5 buyers on the 27th of October, (information about registration will follow).


Torsdag 12. oktober 2023 kl. 12:15 - 15:00


OLOF PALMES PLATS 1, 214 44 Malmö, Sweden (Folk Mat & Möten)

Om arrangementet

12:15-15:00 Speed Dating/one-on-one confidential meetings between suppliers and buyers (NIELS team)

  • The Buyers will be divided into 5 groups
  • The suppliers will get a 20 min slot with the Buyers.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We have given all suppliers a one-on-one meeting, please see the table bellow for details.

If you don’t wish to attend the speed date, please let us know as soon as possible by email and, so that we can reorganise the schedule.

Suppliers please prepare for the following questions from the buyers:

  • Do you have concrete plans for ecolabelling any medical products?
    • Where do you think it is best to start in terms of products/ product groups?
    • Do you wish to cooperate with Ecolabelling organisations to develop new criteria for products which do not have criteria as of today?
  • Open questions from suppliers


Please note that Ecolabelling Norway and Denmark are also offering 15 minutes speed dates after lunch. For those of you who are interested, please book by email to Tormod Lien at to arrange a time slot which does not collide with the time slot we have given you with the buyers.