About Innovative Procurements

In Norway, public agencies procure goods and services for close to 58 billion Euros every year. Innovative Procurements is a new method for public procurements.


In Innovative Procurements requesting pre-defined solutions from the market is discouraged. Instead, needs and functions are communicated to the market, which in turn responds on how to best solve this.


Through Innovative Procurements, mapping and defining needs are emphasized, the market is invited for dialogue, and challenged to come up with smart solutions.



In this video you are briefly introduced to the Norwegian method of Innovative Procurements. This video demonstrates three very different processes in which Innovative Procurement as a method has been applied: Stavanger municipality/ F5IT; Hias/ Nærenergi; and Undervisningsbygg/ Caverion. The video also illustrates the different gains achieved in the form of positive environmental impacts; increase in the number of jobs with firms involved in these innovations; and lastly, reduction in the overall costs for the public procurer.


Programme goals

The National Programme for Supplier Development is set up to accelerate innovations and development of new solutions through the strategic use of Public procurement, while at the same time contributing to new market opportunities for these innovations.


Programme structure

The programme is a joint collaboration by three relatively large entities with our unique strengths, networks and focus areas.


Difi (Agency for Public Management and eGovernment) provides pertinent support in developing relevant tools and guidance on public procurement in general as well as on innovative public procurement in particular which is of tremendous support “in the field”, but also brings the legitimacy from a government administration point of view – here I would also like to provide the opportunity to Difi colleagues to provide additional information on their specific role


Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) naturally provides the link to both local and regional authorities and stimulate actors in the direction towards innovative public procurements; they also provide inputs into strategic areas for us as a programme to pursue (e.g. upcoming procurements which may have a significant potential for climate-smart solutions); as well as systematically sharing lessons learned through various fora.


Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) provides the link to the private sector actors. Our Programme secreatariat is hosted by NHO. In addition to a programme secretariat, we are also staffed with colleagues “on the ground” in different regions that are closely linked to the public procurement processes and provide day-to-day support and strategic inputs as needed.